Digital Penetration of a Ticket Machine

Digital Penetration of a Ticket Machine by Chas Stramash

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About the Book


A revealing look at London from a Scottish punk poet’s eyes. Humorous, satirical and obscene, this is Chas Stramash’s seventh chapbook of poetry written over a number of years exploring England’s capital city.

Published: 20th April 2018 by Smashing Press
ISBN: 978-1-370-01318-0
Length: 79 pages
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Format: Kindle / Ebook

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Free Samples


London Approaches

On the distant plains below
from my Boeing plane window
a glint catches my eye
from the shining blob in the sky
a winding metallic shape
the Thames, long like a snake
the London Eye, rolling slow
The Shard, a piercing glow
It’s all coming
London approaching

The Thames

the Thames
what can be said
that hasn’t been said before

Murky, wide, slow
fast and swirling

They tried to scatter
Grandad’s ashes there

A Picture of the O2

The O2
makes me wonder
if a jelly fish
could have sex
with a hedgehog

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