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Fringe Fantastic by Chas Stramash

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About the Book


Fringe Fantastic is a collection of poetry and photography about Chas’s experience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Humorous, satirical, and irreverent, this 91-page chapbook of photographic images and accompanying poetry was written on the ancient cobbled streets of Edinburgh during the month-long Festival celebrations.

For anyone who has ever wondered what the festival is about, or for those who wish to relive a glorious summer in the Scottish capital, this book will greatly appeal.

This book will blow holes in anyone who thinks poetry is purely for stuffy intellectuals, and will make a superb addition to anyone’s book collection.

Published: December 2005 by Smashing Press
Printed: 91 pages, 5.9 x 8.9 in., Perfect-bound
Language: English
Edition: Second Edition
ISBN: 1-4116-5441-2
Format: Kindle / Ebook

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Free Samples


Cities United

In August
Edinburgh turns
into the city
of New York

On every street
American accents
coffee and art
nothing sleeps

Except that
there are still no
yellow taxis
or Statue of Liberty

Festival TV

in a coffee shop
by St. Andrews Square
I sit in the window
frothy coffee in my hand

behind me the staff
shout out fast orders
to clear the line
of thirsty customers

people pass the window
and sometimes they look
at me, looking at them
like a silent movie

a moment to relax
from festival bustle
the street outside
like festival TV

The Rose Street Ripper

A man in Rose Street
walks straight past me
head buried in book
finger planted in nose

I wonder, does he realise
the enormity
of his achievement
One For The Show

Four hundred Scots
bladders like footballs
sit cramped on seats
laugh at the comedian

Every single one
wishing they never had
that one last drink
before they came in

Changing City

Edinburgh changes
when August comes

it fills with people
from foreign lands

blossoms with colour
like a fresh spring rose

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Praise for Fringe Fantastic


A delicious, fantastic romp that captures the essence, creativity, and mirthful wackiness of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe experience. ~ Devon Ellington, author and playwright, USA

Being from the highlands of the southern United States, I realize that much of my own culture has come from Scotland; the Scotland of two hundred years ago. Fringe Fantastic allowed me to see a Scotland that has developed apart from us, a Scotland most Americans never see, past the Holywood images and romantisized notions of our culture and through the eyes of a native son. I liked what I saw. ~ Wanda D. Campbell, Appalachian poet

Thank you for taking me on a tour of your beloved Fringe Festival. The poetry is funny on one page then poignant the next. You have become a master at your craft. You made me want to visit your city. Congratulations. ~ Brooks Carver, MD of Prairie Sky Press, USA

Just wanted to let you know that Fringe Fantastic arrived and is living up to its title. My wife and I especially appreciated Mrs. Posh ~ Brandon Cesmat, poet, USA

I was beyond impressed. The mix of commentary, prose and photography is brilliant. The book binding is professional and the covert art stunning. ~ BK Birch, author, USA

It was incredible. I’ve read a number of the poems several times. I like the fact that I can pull out a particular poem to reread depending on my mood. ~ Ann Zobrovsky, reader, USA

Stramash does a wonderful job in capturing the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the world famous Fringe Festival and its associated performers. Anyone who has ever visited the Fringe Festival will identify with many of his Auld Reekie observations. A perfect piece of real life poetry. ~ David Graham, reader, Scotland

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