Living Leith

Living Leith by Chas Stramash

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About the Book


A collection of poems inspired by coffee. Written in the poet’s favourite coffee shop, this chapbook contains 36 poems about the observations inside and from the window of a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Published: December 2014 by Smashing Press
ISBN: 978-1-326-13257-6
Length: 37 pages
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Format: Kindle / Ebook

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Nursing a pint
and a quiet thought
writing loose words
in a tranquil spot.

She sat down beside me
with a bottle of beer
pulled out a menthol
and flicked her hair.

I couldn’t resist
to offer a light
she turned on her chair
I swelled with delight.

“Whit ye daein’?”
said she to I,
“I’m writing a poem
to remember you by…”

Dead Souls

A single jakey slumps
head on a broken wall
his brain so scrambled
a life failed to fuck all

Alone outside the bookies
that sucked his pockets dry
while drizzle falls steady
from a sodden downcast sky

Beside him rests a lager can
liquid fortitude his goal
thoughts of a life worth keeping
now it holds a shattered soul

The New Kirkgate was once
a symbol of glowing progress
with Woolies gone and others too
what shines is alike prowess

Leith on Edinburgh

The rich, the elite
the top one percent
the cream that floats
no dent when it’s spent.

With silver spoons and caviar
born into money and Jaguars
but nothing can buy
that special addiction
the unbroken ring of
a friendship affliction.

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