Poems from a Coffee Shop Window

Poems from a Coffee Shop Window by Chas Stramash

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About the Book


A collection of poems inspired by coffee. Written in the poet’s favourite coffee shop, this chapbook contains 36 poems about the observations inside and from the window of a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Published: May 2012 by Smashing Press
ISBN: 978-1-4716-3376-8
Length: 45 pages.
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Format: Kindle / Ebook

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Free Samples


Coffee Love

The pillar in the corner
acts as a barrier
between coffee addicts
and unbridled love

Hands touch and thighs brush
sexual charges pulsate
between the beating hearts
of two young lovers

Their tongues meet
over empty cups
of once frothy

To Remember Or Not

Everyone that walks past the coffee shop window
I think of something to write
– the man with the brief case and brolly
– bathing in the sun…
– the girl in the leather trousers
– and flowery sarong…
– the woman and shopping-filled pram
– five kids in tow…

But I pass on them all
take a sip of Latte
that if I’d written about them
I’d remember them forever
their image remaining tattooed
eternal in my mind.

But I don’t
and they disappear

Jekyll & Hyde

Nothing to go home for
no home at all
delaying the dreaded opening
of the door—and closing
leaving it all behind

The tramp feels wanted
in this oasis of society
there’s things he must do
things people need
he lived to please, once

When he clocks out
the emptiness returns
the invention of solitude
the same old pattern
the same old story
grows on one hand
shrinks to madness in the other


Eight teenage girls
sit chatting in a circle
around a table meant for two

Blowing on Lattes and fruity juice
they laugh and look around
carefree and conspicuous

Back-brushed hair and long white nails
fake tans, the Jordan effect
the natural look dead and gone

Nobody wants to be first to leave
a new era of too soon grown-ups
but without the realities of life

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Copyright © Chas Stramash 2012. All rights reserved.