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Poolside Poetry by Chas Stramash

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About the Book


POOLSIDE POETRY was written during a two-week in 2006 in the beautiful island of Cyprus.

It contains a wide variety of observational and humour-laden poems, like the ones about Helios, the God-like pool attendant, with striking Greek looks and very small…brain.

There’s verse about the suffocating heat and shenanigans around the pool and inside the hotal bar. There’s the visit to the Flea Market, and just across the sea, reflective poetry about the war that raging between Israel and Lebanon at the time.

Poolside Poetry attempts to peel away the different layers of Cyprus’s personality and bring it to life. It’s a beautiful country with a lot going on, but above all else the book describes the daily torment and struggle of what it is to be Scottish, pale, and living under a 100 degree sun.

Published: March 2007 by Smashing Press
Printed: 86 pages, 5.9 x 8.9 in., Perfect-bound.
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Format: Kindle / Ebook

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Free Samples


A Stout Man

a stout man
with horizontal belly
bald like a coot
strolls on the beach

I double-take
his protruding front
two pink nipples
a ring in each

I run out of words
as I stare at his rings
I’m from Scotland, you see
never seen such a thing

Water Trekkin’

thirty women
sixty breasts
bounce in the water
splashing exercise
to the rhythmic beat
Star Trekkin’ Across The Universe

aqua aerobics
but not as we know it


day one on the beach
I’m painfully white
some of the Cypriots
jump with fright

a tan is something
I‘m not able to achieve
even in kilt
and rolled up sleeves

my wife is the opposite
she takes a glorious colour
lying with eyes half-closed
in glorious technicolour

Evening on the Balcony

like a throbbing ear infection
the tree insects call out
every night at dusk

a rhythmic gyration
of grating chords
echoing throughout
hotels and gardens
– thousands of them
– all in time
like a well-trained army
of invisible beasties

Knee Capped

sitting on the plane
with no room to move
lifting my knees
could injure the man in front

but he’s bigger than me
– which means he’s very big
so I don’t lift my knees
– I’m not that stupid

Life Hub

take a moment in time
in the life of the pool
slice it in two
take a look inside

eight hundred lives
caught in collision
crossing at one point
a moment in time

each life as single
as different as the rest
each one individual
none are alike

different generations
colours, opinions
backgrounds, memories
thoughts and pleasures

and they all cross over
in the swimming pool
each moment as different
and as special as the last

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