Silly Poems for Wee People

Silly Poems for Wee People by Chas Stramash

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About the Book


Ideal for kids of all ages, this hilarious collection of poetry is perfect for children aged 5 to 11. It is ideal for young minds to explore by reading themselves, or to have the poems read aloud to them.

Now fully illustrated in dazzling colour, with all poems revised and updated, this edition of SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE is the most complete and entertaining ever!

Totally childish and devilishly funny, this collection of poetry is the perfect gift for any young child who likes to laugh.

Published: December 2011 by Smashing Press
ISBN: 978-1-4710-0199-4
Printed: 38 pages, perfect-bound.
Language: English
Edition: Third Edition
Format: Kindle / Ebook / Paperback

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Free Samples


Gnu Atchoo!

In the zoo
I saw a Gnu
with a nose slightly spotty.

When he wheezed
there followed a sneeze
that drove the Hippo’s potty.


When I’m lying in my bed
I hear my daddy snoring,
he always blames it on my mum
I find that very boring.

A Snake Called Slithery Jake

Way out on the desert plain
lives a snake called Slithery Jake
he’s red and green with a tail of gold
upright he’s as thin as a rake

And when he slithers on the sand
he has to run and run
because the sun gets really hot
and burns his skinny bum

Cow Girl

There once was a girl
who liked to eat grass
then a strange thing happened
she started to change, alas

She woke one morning
to the sound of a “MOO!”
her parents came running
she’d turned into a Coo.

Two times each day
she would leave her ilk
walk out the classroom
to go and give milk.

The school saved a fortune
of money on dairy
and that is the story
of a Cow called Mary.

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